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European Research dedicated a lot of time and efforts in the development of innovative sustainable solutions for the steel industry. The aim is to provide bridging solutions to lead the steel industry towards a reduction of its environmental impact with an obvious saving of natural resources, hence in being closer to a virtuous objective of “zero waste” goal. These thematic fields are perfectly framed in a concept that is strongly emphasized at a European level and that is receiving increasing attention in the scientific and technical community in the latest years, namely the so called Circular Economy. The circularity concept pushes researchers and industries to look for synergies with other industrial sectors to analyze and investigate solution for improving by-product reuse and recycling both inside and outside the steelmaking cycle, by thus developing examples of industrial symbiosis. However, the joint efforts of the EU steel industries on this theme are still not widely known.

REUSteel project aims at extensively disseminating and valorizing important research results on the reuse and recycling of byproducts, based on an integrated critical analysis of many list of EU-funded projects, in order to promote the results exploitation and increase the synergies with other sectors.

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Project key points

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Reuse and industry recycle of by-products in steel from previous and current research activities

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Industrial applications Synergies between steel industry and other sectors

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Dissemination of gained knowledge through different channels:

  • Papers
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
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Definition of what is needed in future research activities